Importance of Tenant Law


It is a frustrating thing to experience, facing eviction. Some landlords are just too crazy, even reaching the point of harassing you. You are lucky enough because today, rights are pretty important compared to before, there is a law that protects your rights called the tenant law. A lot of people might have never come across such law before and that made their situation worse. Learn how to fight back and fend of harassing landlords.

Understand the Proper Notification

This is going to be the most important thing on the law, it is a fact that a landlord will never have the right to evict you even if he or she owns the place, not unless he or she has a court order. The landlord must file for a complaint or notice about the situation in the courthouse. You will need to have legal help for that so you have consider filing for a lawsuit, just like any case. You will be able to get that from the sheriff of your place or a third party who also feels the same. But this does not mean that they will be handing the court order to your personally or just leave it outside your door. If they will be doing that kind of thing, it will fall under improper delivery and you might lose the case if you get into that situation. If you are unsure about anything especially about delivery, just contact your attorney to make sure.

Understanding Revenge Eviction

There will be some landlords that will ignore your request for repairs and that will be very troublesome. You will notice that weeks have passed and still the landlord did not fix your problem. And when you got inside your room, you will see a eviction notice already. This kind if Chicago Eviction Law has gotten a lot of tenants to leave their room without fighting for their rights. This is known to be a revenge eviction and is pretty illegal to do. This is where the landlord decides to evict you rather than to deal with the repairs that you want. Almost every country has an anti-revenge law stated. And always remember that contacting an attorney will always be better and wise. Make sure you get good legal counsel.

This is why you should really make sure that you know what you are doing. This will make it easier for you to defend yourself from all those people who are abusing their power. You have to know that it will be the best weapon against people who harass you. Check out Chicago Real Estate Transactions for more info.


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